Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide Review

 By Michael Shawns

We don’t normally do this, but since there was a lot of interest in a review of Hayden Hawke’s secret gold guide, we decided to provide one. We got our company’s resident WoW player, Shawns, to review the book.

Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide

secret gold guide review

 This is Hawke’s secret gold guide to making a lot of gold on WoW, which can now be exchanged for gametime. This change has made WoW gold even more popular than it used to be. This guide was last partly updated for Warlords of Draenor patch 6.0.2, making it definitely outdated. But some people play on WoD private servers that it’s still applicable for, and other people are currently traveling through WoD content and want to make money off the mobs. So We’re still going to cater to anyone this pertains to by reviewing the book.

But of course, the real question is whether or not Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide is a scam or not. And this Secret Gold Guide Review will set off and find out if that’s the case or not.

Website: secretgoldguide.com/

The methods in the book are applicable for both beginners and advanced players. In a nutshell, The Secret Gold Guide by Hayden Hawke is a WoW gold guide created by Hawke, who is a gamer girl  who with some pretty good  achievements. She was the first first level 80 human on her server, Skullcrusher.

The Secret Gold Guide used to be updated fairly often by Hawke, which established it firmly as the best guide for tips in making wow gold fast.  The VIP area, that you get access to when you purchase the guide, was once updated weekly…that is no longer the case.

Even though the Secret gold guide has been around for years, and Hayden hawke still plays the game, she has stopped gracing her guide buyers with updates to her methods. It is currently unknown if she is even the queenpin of gold that she used to be.

Nevertheless, The Secret Gold Guide  in its current form still hold a lot of good information that is applicable to anyone playing the conditions the guide was created for.

The Secret Gold Guid has been updated and rewritten for every expansion, including MoP, and it contains some tips that are still applicable for Warlords of Draenor. Hawke claims she used these methods to make 10,000 gold per hour, and this is actually a realistic figure given that the guide has heavy focus on manipulating the Auction House. This WoW gold guide covers a variety of  differnet f areas, such as: Gathering professions Crafting professions Grinding Auction house trading Farming Dailies Low-level tips Addons and even more. Hawke also included a decent amount of maps and pictures to make the guide as concise and easy to follow as possible. It’s really hard to fail to follow her methods because she’s laid them out so easily to understand.

Hayden’s methods are unique and very profitable. There are also loads of powerful bonuses included with the guide. Conclusion This used to be the best WoW gold guide. The tycoon gold guide is a better option. But if that doesn’t sway you:

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